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We are thrilled at the possibility of collaborating with you and are confident that our product will provide significant value to both you and your organization, regardless of the sport. By acknowledging this letter, you express interest in exploring our product further, understanding that it does not constitute a binding commitment to purchase. This offer remains valid until all allocated soft launch units are sold. Should you have any inqueries, please don’t hesitate to contact

This letter serves as confirmation of your interest in potentially participating in our soft launch. As part of this initiative, for a one-time fee of $379, you will:

-Receive one Heads Up Trainer device and accompanying harness.
-Gain access to dedicated phone and email support during regular business hours.
-Access to Drills Catalog

By participating in the soft launch, you commit to:

-Providing valuable insights and feedback on your experience with the product.
-Offering a testimonial (inclusive of logo, name, and photo) for potential use in Reaction Technologies marketing materials.

We appreciate your interest in integrating Heads Up into your teams operations. We are enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with you and are eager to explore this opportunity further.

By considering participating in Reaction Technologies’ soft launch program, you acknowledge that this expression of interest doesn’t imply a binding commitment to purchase. Instead, it signifies your interest in delving deeper into the product.