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Why Basketball?

Situational awareness is an important skill that all athletes need to improve upon to become the best. Basketball requires you to think fast on your feet and having more situational awareness you will be successful.


lightweight durable devices fit for every player


Pairing capability for multiple devices with one controller


94 ft of coverage


6 inches

Randon numbers generated LED screen

2.0 USB

Fast charging USB connection


Long lasting charge with 5+ hours of power

How to WIN with Reaction Technologies

Crossing training with Reaction Technologies, being able to perform a dribble move while scanning the court taking in new information as it develops will led to player and team success. Seeing beyond the defender in front of a ball-handler opens more opportunities to make plays, whether that’s seeing your teammate cutting off a back door screen or finding your outlet fast can translate to more wins for your team.


Improve Your Situational Awareness. Improve Your Game. Improve Yourself.